Your Compassionate Guide Through the Mediation Process

Mediation: We Can Help You Resolve Family Disputes

What is mediation?

Mediation is an informal, confidential, out of court proceeding, in which the parties work cooperatively through a neutral mediator to resolve any disagreements about how they should resolve a family matter, whether it’s the end of a marital relationship, the enforcement of an existing order, or a child custody disagreement. Some couples have reached agreements about most issues, and need to mediate only a few remaining points; others have not yet been able to reach agreements at all.

Mediation is comparatively fast, much less expensive, and much more confidential than proceedings in open court, where nearly everything that happens is public.

What does the mediator do?

Our role as mediator is to listen to each party and ask questions that move the parties toward agreement, not to impose a solution. Then, once couples have reached a mediated agreement, we can assist in documenting the agreement, so that the court can include them in final, binding court orders.

Mediation is different from arbitration, or collaborative law. Arbitration results in a decision imposed on the parties by a neutral arbitrator; collaborative law is confidential, but can be much more expensive if the parties fail to reach an agreement, because Ohio law requires the parties to retain a new attorney in that event.

Beverly Farlow is a qualified domestic relations mediator, in compliance with all Ohio Supreme Court requirements.

When can I mediate?

Mediation can happen before either party files an action for custody, divorce, legal separation, or post-decree modification, or it can happen at any point during the pendency of the matter. The only requirement is that both parties agree to mediate and participate.

How much does mediation cost?

Each one-hour mediation session costs $300, with each party paying $150 at the beginning of each session. Depending on the complexity of the disagreements to be mediated, it could take from one to several sessions.

How do I begin?

Please call or email us to schedule your first session. What you need to bring will be determined by the issues you need to mediate.

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