Online Services

Our attorneys are pleased to provide representation online to clients in a number of uncontested legal matters. These web services are suitable for situations that do not require the presence of an attorney in court. Many people prefer to manage certain legal matters privately and securely from their own home or office. Our online services division provides for the needs of those in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

We ask that you answer a series of questions online. Then, we generate the documents consistent with your answers and permitted by Ohio law, usually within 48 hours, then forward them to you in a format that you designate. Finally, we review any comments or questions you may have after reviewing the documents and revise them as needed. The services we provide online include the following:

Importantly, our attorneys are available to provide actual in-court representation of your interests in all courts throughout the state of Ohio, in the event that your needs extend beyond what can be made available online.

Please click on the online service you find to be of interest. We look forward to working with you.