Child Support

Dublin Child Support Lawyers

Your children matter to you. Whether you are going through a divorce or involved in child support establishment, enforcement or modification, you want to minimize the impact of a dispute on your children. However, you also want a fair result.
At Farlow & Associates, LLC, our experienced Dublin child support attorneys — including Board-Certified Family Relations Law Specialist Beverly J. Farlow — are well qualified to advocate for your child custody and child support needs and get you the best possible results.

Ohio Child Support Guidelines

In Ohio, child support guidelines are based on both parents’ income. Often, as couples’ assets become more and more complex, what is “income” becomes a disputed issue. The courts define income globally to include revenue generated through investments and businesses as well as the income listed on W-2’s. The guidelines also take into account the cost of health insurance, day care and the effect of other orders already in place.
Because child support determinations can be more complex than many people think, it is important to work with an experienced and highly qualified attorney to get the results you deserve. At Farlow & Associates, LLC, our Columbus, Ohio, child support guideline lawyers have the experience, skill and knowledge it takes. We have helped countless families determine appropriate child support payments under the guidelines.

Child Support Enforcement and Modification

While child support is determined based on a fairly rigid formula, a child support order is not set in stone. Oftentimes, changes in a parent’s financial circumstances or in child custody/visitation arrangements are substantial enough to require reconsideration of child support. Our law firm has extensive experience representing parents in child support modification and enforcement hearings.

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