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What Happens When You Can’t Settle Disagreements in Divorce?

When spouses agree on all of the issues in a divorce, they can proceed with a cost-effective and cordial dissolution or an uncontested divorce. However, most divorces are not that straightforward. What happens when divorcing couples cannot agree?

Contested divorces can be costly and take years to resolve, involving multiple court dates and heated negotiations. At Farlow & Associates, LLC, our Columbus contested divorce lawyers can help you protect your rights while working toward a more efficient resolution. We care about your emotional and financial situation and will strive to put you in the best possible position in the future.

Reducing Expenses During Contested Divorce

More than 90 percent of contested divorces reach a settlement at some point. That point could be tomorrow or years from now, depending on the decisions you make today. In some cases, a legal battle is necessary. Perhaps the other party won’t come to a reasonable agreement about child custody, property division or spousal support issues. However, careful consideration must be given to whether the issue is worth spending thousands of dollars to fight over. An experienced divorce attorney can provide a rational voice, helping you evaluate each decision from a variety of angles.

When the Other Party Acts Unreasonably During Divorce

Highly contested divorces often involve one or both parties making decisions intended to “hurt” the other party. When those actions border on deceit or fraud, the court can step in. For example, judges can assess attorney’s fees against someone who low-balls income or otherwise acts unreasonably.

Courts also encourage parties to settle rather than go through contentious court battles. Many judges will use procedural methods to encourage settlement, including de facto/pre-trial hearings. While mediation is not required, it is often recommended.

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