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When you have been charged with a crime, early intervention is critical. Working with an attorney early helps make sure your rights are asserted throughout the process. A criminal defense lawyer can assess whether the police overstepped their bounds and see that prosecutors strictly adhere to the limits placed on them by the Constitution and Ohio state laws.

But even if you haven’t been working with an experienced private attorney from the very beginning, it is not too late to call one. Contact Farlow & Associates, LLC by calling 614-734-1270 to talk to one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers.

At Farlow & Associates, LLC, our attorneys provide legal criminal defense representation for clients in all levels of state and federal courts. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. We know that there are many, many innocent people spending time in prison for offenses that they did not commit. When you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, we can help:

  • Child abuse allegations
  • Assault and domestic violence
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Serving alcohol to minors
  • Drug crimes


  • Motor vehicle violations
  • Theft and embezzlement
  • Sex offenses

Our attorneys understand that being arrested and facing criminal charges can be an embarrassing, confusing experience. People want to know what to expect and what will be the impact of charges on their lives, their jobs and their future. Our attorneys examine the facts of the case, explain the criminal law process, advise you about your legal options and identify the best possible course of action.

Most people worry most about the legal consequences they are facing, like jail, fines, loss of a license or a criminal record. At Farlow & Associates, LLC, we try to minimize these consequences by taking every reasonable action available to us under the law. And we always prepare our clients’ cases for trial rather than simply rushing to a plea bargain.

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