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If you are named as an estate administrator in a will, accepting the responsibility comes with serious legal implications. It is best to seek guidance from a well-qualified attorney — a lawyer who listens to your concerns and offers clear guidance through the probate process.

At Farlow & Associates, LLC in Dublin, Ohio, we can help. We offer probate and estate administration representation to meet your needs. The probate process can be confusing for someone who has never experienced it. Our lawyers work closely with you to help you understand and fulfill your legal obligations. We will help you lay out a timeline, making sure that you understand each step we will take together.

Will Contests and Probate Litigation

Sometimes circumstances surrounding the estate plan of a family member lead to conflict. Because a loved one was involved and because the financial and emotional stakes are often so high, the resulting probate litigation can be especially stressful. But at Farlow & Associates, LLC, we can help by offering highly competent legal representation in will contest situations. Our team of attorneys represents beneficiaries who dispute the validity of a will. We are also well equipped to defend such actions, including allegations of:

  • Undue influence
  • Mental incapacity
  • Subsequent revocation
  • Fraud or mistake
  • Other probate litigation

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